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A suggestive corner of Japan in the heart of Vicenza.



Furai, the Japanese restaurant with a view of the Basilica Palladiana that unites the ancient tradition of Nippon cooking in Vicenza with a new style that takes pride in the smallest details.


Furai is real Japanese cooking


Nothing is left to chance at Furai. Each dish is studied and cared for in the best Japanese tradition.
To maintain the highest prestige of its kitchen, therefore, Furai has a chef who exclusively prepares its most delicious dishes: sushi and maki.



Furai is philosophy


Choosing Furai does not just mean delighting your palate. It also means choosing a food style for living and sharing emotions with those around you.

Each element, shape and space, as well as the way the dishes are presented, have been studied purposely to offer the client a beautiful, comfortable environment.

Soft, gentle trails of different coloured lights are projected in the room, moving up from the table rather than towards it, rising to the ceiling in unison with the delicate, non-invasive background music. The environment is welcoming and intimate at the same time, perfect for enjoying food as it should be eaten: peacefully.

At Furai you live an atmosphere that is intimate and special at the same time, in complete harmony with the style of traditional food and drink.



Furai every day


Forget the usual places where eating Japanese means spending a fortune. The Furai menu is rich, yes, but it is also perfect for every occasion and affordable.

Furai can be the perfect place for a lunch break that respects the right to eat well and healthily, even if there isn’t much time.

Or it can be the place for a special occasion such as a business lunch with important clients, a dinner with family or friends, an important encounter, or the splendid culmination of a day spent visiting the wonderful historical centre of Vicenza.



Furai is food safety


Furai chefs only use top quality fresh food because respect of the client is at the top of our list.

The sushi and all the fish-based dishes are prepared using fresh fish selected every day from the best fish shops in Vicenza.

All the fruit, vegetables and cereals (rice and soya above all) are bought from the most reliable suppliers.

This is why sauces and condiments are not imported, but carefully prepared in the kitchen by our chefs to guarantee safety and quality.

In addition to traditional Japanese drinks such as sake, the Furai wine cellar is made more precious by the best Italian red and white wines, in particular an exclusive selection of Franciacorta, because quality comes before everything else.

Furai Japanese Restaurant, Piazza delle Erbe 9 Vicenza - Tel. 0444 321044 - P.Iva