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Eating japanese

Good for the health and the figure

Japanese cooking is nutritional and balanced, both because of the ingredients used and the preparation techniques.
Rice, the basic element of many dishes, is indicated in diets for losing weight and reducing the levels of cholesterol and sodium in the blood. In addition, rice is gluten free.
Soya, widely used, is a very digestible high-fibre pulse that is completely cholesterol free.
The numerous fish-based dishes (sushi and sashimi in particular) are very low in fats and are obviously full of iodine and omega fatty acids.
Another important thing is that Japanese food satisfies the appetite and pampers the taste buds but without adding to your weight, thanks to its low calorie fish dishes, rice dishes, and sauces.

Special occasions

Furai offers an ideal environment for celebrating special events (parties, ceremonies, business dinners, etc.) with specific menus and special courses that pleasantly surprise your guests.
There is also a tatami room (a tatami is a typical Japanese mat) on the lower floor that can be booked for private events. The room is furnished in a typical Japanese style and you eat your meal while sitting on the tatami, which is between you and the floor. It’s an experience that cannot be missed!

Special menus

You don’t have to eat fish, and in particular raw fish, to enjoy the food from Furai’s kitchen. A wide range of varied dishes is offered to satisfy all types of food need and taste.
Vegetarians can easily enjoy plates of vegetables and maki with avocado, dressing them with soy sauces.
For those who have problems with gluten, a menu based on rice, vegetables and fish or meat can be elaborated.
Choice and complete menus can be prepared even for those who do not like shellfish.
The restaurant staff is readily available for any request.

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